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Tricks to Win at Scrabble

There are a number of tips and tricks that could help you win scrabble games. While playing scrabble with your friends or peers, you want to win always. Of course to win at scrabble game is more than just forming correct words; you also need to form the words at the right places where they give you as much points as possible because the one who amasses the most points has won the game. So while you are thinking of the words to form, you also consider which gives you the more points and does not create room for your opponent to gain points off you.

Do You Have Personal Scrabble? Its needed to Win Scrabble!

If you really want to be good at scrabble then the first step is to have a personal scrabble. You can either buy one or download scrabble free online. There are a number of sites where you can download scrabble free onto your pc. For most of them you might not even need registration; it is completely free. Next step for you would be to start out learning key words especially words formable from such letters as Q and Z. While each letter has an assigned point, these two are of the highest value of 10 points. Unlike letters like E, A,I,O,N,R,T,L,S and U all of which are 1 point each. If you desire to win scrabble games then you must learn those queer words that can be formed with letters with more points. It would be helpful also to learn the acceptable scrabble words that have no vowels. Those could get you out the mire and help you score more points.

Win Scrabble with

For those who probably don’t have the time or desire to do all that study just for a game, you can do a little cheating to win at scrabble. Some sites where you can download scrabble free also have scrabble tools like the word finder tool that can help you form correct words quickly. By regularly using these sites, you are guaranteed to win scrabble games and before long your knowledge of the game improves even more.

One bit of an advice for you though; in your quest to win at scrabble, do not get disheartened when you are the whipping guy. Learn the words and not the pain of defeat, before long you will become good and who knows the champion!